Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Friday!

If you're an Anthrax fan, I don't need to explain the title...if you aren't - find one.

In the interests of almost-full disclosure, you should know that I'm not the chick in the picture - I'm a big strapping fellow who is sick of all of the butthurt going on, and I am now certain that continuing on this course will bring about the death of America as we know it.

That said, I don't see a problem with appreciating the female body as an art form. If you have enjoyed the other blogs associated with SizzleChest, but may find yourself disagreeing with me in regards to pictures of beautiful women, do yourself a favor and avoid this blog. I will not post X-rated images, but I will not censor myself in any other way.

I'm thinking of doing a podcast. It will be done entirely in a voice patterned after a co-worker, who sounds partly like Howard Stern's whipping boy, Gary Dell'Abate, but I promise you is purely coincidental (in fact, it sounds like the parody done of Dell'Abate, but you'll soon note that it far exceeds even his idiocy).

On to some neckbreakers!

To begin - Jonathan Jay Pollard, utter shithole, is to be released tomorrow (correction: it looks like he was released a day early...imagine that).

FUCK him in the hole. He should be released to a goddamn dungeon drop, complete with alligators.

Microsoft sent out a  BAD security update that pooched (read: FUBAR) all versions of Microsoft Outlook, but this was repaired roughly 36 hours later (check and see if the Windows Update KB3097877 is dated before November 13...if not, remove it and let it reinstall);
The female "suicide" bomber? She said what?!?'s some real butthurt news, the real reason I'm writing this crapfest in the first place:
The deadly terror attacks in Paris killed at least 129, but to some protesters in the Black Lives Matter movement and at the University of Missouri, it's all about them.
Student protests and outrage over the school's handling of racial issues has brought national attention to the school -- which some students have come to define as a hotbed of racism. Recent racist incidents led to protests including one student's hunger strike and a threatened boycott by the football team. The university system president and the campus chancellor resigned.
After at least 129 people were killed in coordinated attacks on Friday in Paris, several protesters took to Twitter to express anger at "losing the spotlight" in the media.
"Racist white people kill me, you want everyone to have sympathy for YOUR tragedy, but you have none for ours," wrote user Melanin Monroe under the Twitter handle @NeonElectricity in a post that has since been removed.

The tweet is here - if you want to see the video, click this link to go to the site.

Others, like user "dog enthusiast," under the handle @bmahimaaa, equated the slaughter in Paris with the racial tensions in Missouri -- calling both "terrorism."
"Paris attacks were terrorism," the user wrote. "black students getting death threats on their college campuses (A SUPPOSED SAFE SPACE!!) is also TERRORISM."
The tweet -- which is now under a protected account -- had 211 retweets and 239 "likes" as of Wednesday morning.
I'm going to be running from this moment forth with my own acronym, TBF. This stands for "too FUCKING bad", and will save me hours in posting over the complement of my lifetime (now it's just too bad that no one called me out for my obvious spelling faux pas, so I'm going with it...or "Too Bucking Fad).
Since a lot of this is going to be stream of unconsciousness, I'm going to drop links in as fast as don't get used to the very tedious style of my previous posting method. Of course, the pics will make up for all of that.
Let's see...I'm going to have to work the mammaries from the phone...I promise to slap those bad boys on as soon as possible...right after my next brumski!

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